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"Concepts of Humanism"  

The work of Belgian artist Hilde NIJS, entitled "Concepts of Humanism” encompasses drawing, painting, mixed media, installation and comprise many new works from her recent series Messengers of the Unconscious, The Riddle of Thinking Humanity and Human Machinery. Inspired by the books of Hannah Arendt, Freud's topographical model of the mind, the layout of old psychology magazines she collect etc., it should be thought of as some sort of wake up call for a new world and absolutely something to reflect on.

On her canvases, Hilde NIJS writes texts, messages and words as a result of her research study, also she selects the contemporary media, news headlines, advertisements, etc. and drops this all into a dialogue with each other, with history and with her own imagination such as a new world who comes alive on the surfaces consisting of layers deposits on each other. Inspired by Palimpsest, the preparing surfaces are defined as a manuscript that has been modified or changed but that still has traces of its original writing and as the world is constantly changing, our society as such can be viewed as a frequently altered palimpsest. All those elements are the raw materials necessary for the new and better world 

she wants to create for the survival of mankind.

Regarding the ideological underpinning of her methodology, she describes the process of layering, printing, scribing, drawing, painting, scraping, erasing, dripping as a “necessary act of renewing,” an overflow of matter, sources, fragments, drawings, patterns and symbolism who allows the viewer to assemble their own moral view on society.