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Hilde NIJS

A woman in Art!

Because art is a way of living 

and essential for humans!

      A Woman in ART

                                                                              ART as an experience of the Human Condition


   #HumanCondition #TheRiddleofThinkingHumanity

#Psychology #Philosophy #ARTCOnnects #Identity #Diversity #Intimacy 


"The key is on the spot wher​e he is located"


Biënnale van België

​"The Plinth"

Installation "WakeUP, Imagination Free"

Hilde NIJS - Variable Identity Rooms, Walking into my Artwork!

DEKANTFABRIEK - "Imagination Free, 28 stakeholders for a more connected Europe - Installatie Hilde NIJS

"Carnets de Voyage for clarinet & tape" van hedendaags componist George De Decker

uitgevoerd door klarinettist Raf De Keninck.

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Hilde NIJS

a Woman in Art!

Russ Strong

Hilde NIJS